Want a quick read? A dirty read? A fun read? A book that you can read while doing ten other things? Well, we’ve got your back! Presenting Fingerprint! Lite, the stuff delicious enjoyment is made of.

Titles that will make you laugh, cry, smile, and want to fall in love, perhaps all over again. As self-appointed custodians of all tales of love, we plan to work with blinders on and bring out short, crisp, crackling stories that will tug at your heartstrings and stay with you long after you are done. 

Pssst: If Bollywood were a book, it would be Fingerprint! Lite.

We are the curators of interesting. The harbingers of cool. The people who love people and the stories they have to tell. As a fiercely independent publishing house, we are always on the lookout for riveting and gripping stories. Stories with substance, stories with verve. Stories that leave you awestruck, stories that make your heart ache. Quiet stories, loud stories. Stories . . .

We at Fingerprint! love our books and authors, and at times cannot decide whom we love more. Top entrepreneurs and celebrated journalists, film makers, film editors and film critics, ad professionals and gamers, home makers and doctors, teachers and spiritual gurus, we have them all. And our happy tribe is constantly growing.

There is nothing like losing yourself in the pages of a classic. The stories that have enraptured readers generation after generation and stood the test of time. The Fingerprint! Classics collection brings forth smartly packaged books in a bigger, better, bolder avatar.

With only the choicest of titles making thecut, we intend to bring you the best the world of classics has to offer. 

To use a cliché, Fingerprint! Life is all about adding life to your life. Our carefully selected titles espouse the philosophy of wholesome living and living practices. The segment includes books which cover almost every aspect of daily living, from cookbooks to treatise on yoga, gardening, self-help, health, and other lifestyle related subjects. 

Fingerprint! Belief stands for literature that covers the wide categories of religion, philosophy, and spirituality. The idea is to bring forth an amalgamation of literature that will help you lead a more enlightened existence.